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Nutcrackers and Smokers
We carry Steinbach and  Erzebirge  German nutcrackers, smokers, and pyramids.
We have  kings and guards and Santas and chimney sweeps, and a selection of special interests this year.  Our smokers depict many professions and interests.  We have incense cones in pine and cinnamon.


Pyramids are the masterpieces of the Erzebirge  craftsmen. The German Erzebirge (Ore Mountains) was once rich in silver and tin, and mining was the primary occupation. As the mines were depleted, villagers turned to woodworking.  The miner and guardian angel figures, often used on pyramids, tell of the activities of the famous silver mining region.  Other popular styles include nativity scenes, angels, forest workers, St. Nicholas, and folk scenes.  We sell pyramid candles in several sizes.

  Dutch Cavalry Escort German Nutcracker Dane Sword German Nutcracker Drill Guard German Nutcracker

3 - tier Pyramid  -  Christmas eve natural colors  -  48cm / 19 inch

Smoker Computerexpert  -  15cm / 6 inch  

Please call or stop by to inquire about individual product availability (804) 794-6972


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